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Best nudist beaches in Greece

Greece is proud to have many wonderful places with crystal clear waters that are the best when enjoyed au naturel. On conservative islands or in the most popular tourist areas, wearing swimwear is not an option but a must, however, there are several spots where naturism is accepted. Should you look for places where you can take your clothes off, head to one of the best nudist beaches in Greece where you can do it carefree.

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Best 5 nudist beaches in Greece

This wonderful country, Greece has a diverse coastline that offers perfect beaches for all types of beachgoers including nudists. Leaving the swimwear behind is accepted at some popular places too, but those who have a sense of adventure can hike to secluded bays to spend the day without being disturbed.

Vritomartis beach – Crete

It is not a secret anymore that the fans of nudism have been visiting Crete for years. However Greece is a deeply religious country, sunbathing wearing just the bottom or even without clothes is not forbidden, you just have to find the right places to do it so.

Sun umbrella - Crete
Sun umbrella and a bed – Photo from Unsplash

Nude beaches in Crete can be found all over the island with the best ones on the south and south-west coast. Our pick is the Vritomartis beach which is an official clothing-optional spot. It is pretty remote, the closest facility is the Vritomartis Naturist Resort which you can reach with a 15-minute walk.

Other places that are worth visiting in Crete for naturists: Kommos, Sarandaris Coves, Plakias beaches, and the Red Beach in Matala. When in Crete don’t miss out visiting the Elafonisi beach. However it is a non-naturist place, but one of the best sandy beaches in Greece.

Elia nudist beach – Mykonos

Mykonos is todays’ one of the most popular vacation destinations in Greece in the Aegean Sea. The island is famous for its windmills, but there is another reason why visitors return to the island year after year: the special, ‘Carpe diem’ vibe that includes nudism too.

The most famous nudist beach in Mykonos is definitely the Paradise Beach, not so far from Chora. However, during the main summer months going full nude is not that common anymore. Therefore, if you wish to get rid of your swimwear completely, consider visiting the Elia nudist beach instead.

It is accessible by boat from Platy Yialos, or by bus from the main town. In the peak season, you find both naked and textile people on the main beach area, but if you hike a bit between the rocks you will a small bay find which is 100% nudist.

Other naturist beaches in Mykonos you might consider visiting: Paranga, Agrari, and Kalo Livaldi.

Little Banana Beach – Skiathos

The Little Banana Beach on Skiathos is definitely one of the best nudist beaches in Greece since it is officially a naturist beach. With clear waters and sunbeds available to rent, this small, simple, and clean spot is a paradise to enjoy the sun and sea au naturel.

Women sunbathing little banana beach skiathos
Lady sunbathing – Photo from Pexels

Little Banana (some refers to it as Spartacus beach) is accessible by a short hike from the main Banana Beach. The on-spot bar sells snacks and drinks, however, the prices are pretty high. Better to take sandwiches and water in a beach cooler.

Skiathos has great nightlife too if you wish to party in the evenings. Moreover, the main town has plenty of shops and eateries, while the inland contains troves of rolling hills riddled with olive trees offering an opportune moment to enjoy a Greek pastime.

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Antiparos naturist beach

The small unspoiled island of Antiparos is known to have some of the best nudist beaches in Greece. Naturists can spend time at several spots, however, the official nudist beach is next to the camping area on the north of the island (some maps call it Theologians beach). The Antiparos naturist beach is definitely a famous one: it is the first official nude beach in Greece since 1969.

Man reading book in the sea - Antiparos naturist beach
Man reading a book in the water – Photo from Pexels

The actual beach is located between the Antiparos island and a smaller island (Diplo). They are close to each other; you can swim between them. The whole place is clean, the water is crystal clear and shallow. Active beachgoers can play volleyball or try windsurfing.

Antiparos is located next to Paros Island and is available by ferry. To get to the nude beach, go to Camping Antiparos first, then head to the right until you find a large painted sign.

Vlychada – Santorini

Santorini isn’t really famous for its beaches, most of them have black sand with pebbles since it is a volcanic island, but maybe this is the reason why there are still some nice spots to have a refreshing dip in the sea.

There is no official naturist beach on the island; the nudist beaches of Santorini attract both textiles, topless, and true nudists. Red Beach was a haven for nudists in the past, but sadly it is not anymore. Instead of Red Beach, we recommend heading to Vlychada.

This beautiful beach lies in the south of the island and has grey sand with spectacular cliffs at the background. It is visited by all types of tourists, but naturism is comfortable in Vlychada. It is quite a long stretch so you always find a place to enjoy yourself.

Koloumbo and Katharos are another good naturist beaches in Santorini.

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Best nudist beaches in Greece

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