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Nudist beaches in Corfu Greece – Enjoy the sun au naturel

Greece is known for its beautiful beaches, especially Corfu, the second largest of the Ionian Islands. Some of them have a party vibe, and others offer a more serene setting. However, there is a third kind of Greece beach vacation, which relates to going au naturel. Yes, there are many Corfu nudist beaches where clothing is optional! Should you wish to enjoy the sun and sea in a more natural way, this list will tell you what places to offer you such kind of relaxation.

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When it comes to nudist beaches in Corfu, this is arguably the most popular spot. It is surrounded by lush green cliffs, crystal-clear water and golden sand. Thanks to this setting, those who visit tend to return.

Mirtiotissa nudist Beach - Corfu

To get to Mirtiotissa, take the road that leads from Pelakas to Glyfada, but turn towards Ermones. The best is to come by bike since parking is limited, or by boat by the sea. The naturist side (although it is unofficial) is the last part of the beach,

On the public side, you can rent chairs and umbrellas; and there’s a small taverna that sells snacks and drinks, including beer, and wine. By the way, this place is named after the church atop one of the cliffs. Make sure to hike up there (there is a trail) and enjoy the magnificent views!


This isn’t just a beach in Corfu for nudists, but also one of the most unique beaches in Greece. That’s because a river flows into it. You can even swim in the river to the beach, which will take about 20 minutes. Just be prepared because the river water is cold, but after you can warm up lying on soft golden sand and enjoy being surrounded by lush greenery.

Almyros beach

While on the main beach you better to keep your clothes on, but there is a nude section at the east end. Should you look for accommodation here, our recommendation is the Almyros Beach Resort.


Halikounas is different from all nudist beaches in Corfu. There are no cliffs and no greenery here. Instead, it’s a long and flat expanse of sand with calm, warm waters, in fact, this is the largest sandy beach on the west side of Corfu.

Halikounas is so long that it never feels crowded, that’s the reason why it is easy to find places where you can go au naturel without disturbing anybody. Outside the main tourist season, you can have the whole place just for yourself if you arrive early morning.

Halikounas beach

The shallow waters are perfect for swimming, while the soft sand is ideal for sunbathing. On the public side, you can go kite-surfing and windsurfing and also rent lounge chairs and umbrellas, so this is a really good choice for any type of beachgoer.


Arillas is a narrow and rocky beach, which actually keeps some people away. However, this is also what makes it a great beach in Corfu for naturists who enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

To get to the clothing-optional section, go to the north side. After you maneuver around a small rocky outcrop, you will find your own paradise. The fact that this beach is so long and can accommodate hundreds of people without disturbing each other makes Arillas one of Corfu best nudist beaches!

Glyfada beach

Knowns as one of the nicest beaches in Corfu, Glyfada must be on your Corfu nude beaches list if you would love to relax in a fantastic environment surrounded by golden sand and crystal-clear waters.

Glyfada beach

This is an easily accessible place with lots of parking, therefore the best to come on weekdays to avoid crowds. Regardless of the day, if you get there early, you will have a free umbrella. The naturist section is at the southern end, beyond the large rocks.

Agios Stefanos

A beloved Corfu beach by tourists is Agios Stefanos since it has an ideal location close to the port. There is another thing that attracts people, both nudists and non-nudist, which is the mineral-rich clay that can be found on the northern part of the beach. It is very beneficial, so applying it to the skin is like a beauty treatment!

The main beach offers nice restaurants and cafes, as well as showers and restrooms. Also, there is a small marina here making it a nice place to walk around.

For nude sunbathing, the best part is the eastern end, just behind the mud section behind the large rocks. Here you can enjoy not only the beautiful scenery but also taking a dip in the balmy waters of the Ionian Sea.

Antinioti West Beach

Antinioti West is at the northern tip of the island, which makes it one of the most secluded nudist beaches in Greece. Coming here feels like exploring the wild side of the island that is uncrowded so it is no surprise why naturists love to come here.

Antinioti West Beach

You won’t find any bars or restaurants, so bring your own food and drink. It’s a great location for snorkeling, and it’s even better for watching sunrises and sunsets.


Avlaki is among the top Corfu naturist beaches because of its very lush surroundings and breathtaking views to the hills. There is even a nature reserve here and several footpaths that lead to other small, secluded spots where you can enjoy the sun and sea. There are no bathrooms or showers, but that’s part of the beauty. The water is very shallow and safe for wading or swimming.

Avlaki - Korfu

Since you will not find soft white sand here, be sure to bring your water shoes, especially since this is a long beach and you will have to walk to the nudist section. Pack your cooler with some snacks and drinks, bring a sunshade so you can spend a day enjoying Avlaki’s chilling atmosphere.

Tip: Villa Breeze is a nice place to stay nearby!

Issos Beach

A sandy beach with clear waters where only one rule exists (there is even a sign for it) which reads: ‘Rest, Relax, Recharge.’ Issos has beautiful dunes that make it really special and the best is that it is not touristy at all!

Issos beach

If you want to access one of the top-tier Corfu nudist beaches, go to the right, to the north side of the beach where you can enjoy the fine sand and warm waters even without bathing suit.

Marathias Beach

Marathias is another beach in Corfu naturists visit quite often. It is windier than most beaches in the area, especially in the late afternoon, but the water here is the warmest in Corfu so that’s the reason why Marathias (sometimes called Malta beach) is a popular spot.

Marathias Beach

It is just 30 km from Corfu city and relatively easy to find, you just need to follow the signs from the main road. You can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas, and if you like snorkeling, you can do that too because small schools of fish will swim right up to you in the water. There are bars around to have a drink and also parties at night.

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Nudist beaches in Corfu

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